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Cancel My Order

Unfortunately, we can't offer order cancellations. As soon as you order a book, the order starts the process by our fulfillment warehouse partner. We are happy to provide a refund if the notebook is returned unopened to our warehouse (Please see info

My Notebook Arrived Damaged!

Oh no, sorry to hear that! If you have chosen an insured shipping option, we're more than happy to replace the order. You can contact our support team via the link below. Just be sure to include an image of your damaged book in your email. If there a

Return Policy

We use fulfillment centers to process our orders and due to their policies, they do not accept returned items that have been opened and do not record their returns as they dispose of open items. If the item(s) are unopened (manufacturer seal is still

Shipping & Delivery

Carriers are still currently experiencing a host of different issues due to the ongoing effects of COVID era. They’re simply understaffed and their systems are overwhelmed, resulting in a lot of inconsistent updates. This is a known issue for many ma