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Cancel My OrderUpdated 5 months ago

Unfortunately, we can't offer order cancellations. As soon as you order a book, the order starts the process by our fulfillment warehouse partner. We are happy to provide a refund if the notebook is returned unopened to our warehouse (Please see information under "Return". We will not reimburse the return shipping and the warehouse will not record opened items as returns.

  • I emailed to cancel and it wasn’t canceled, why?

    • A couple of things to note regarding canceling - Bullet Journal is still a very small operation and we use a 3rd party shipping warehouse that handles our shipping. They receive the order information through the online shopping partner we use that accepts your order. Once the warehouse receives the order, there is a very short window of time for anything can be changed or canceled. We (Bullet Journal) are closed in the evenings, weekends, and holidays and have regular business hours. If the order was made the day/night before you contacted us on a regular business day, then in most cases, the warehouse has already processed the order, once this happens, we cannot edit it. 

    • We apologize if this causes any inconvenience we’d be happy to accept returns of unopened packages, for the steps on how to do this to ensure the return is done correctly, please see our section for “Return for Refund” to see our policies.

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