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BuJo Membership + Course

Bullet Journal BuJo Membership Course

If I cancel my account do I keep the course?

If you cancel your account, you can't access the site or the course. You will have re-register. If you bought a course as an add-on to your premium subscription but would like to cancel your monthly/annual subscription, please contact support@bulletj

How do I cancel my membership?

No hard feelings, we're sorry to see you go! To cancel your account go to:. *if you deactivate your account, you will lose access to any ad-ons you may have purchased, like a course. If you did purchase a course, please email [email protected]

What is the Basics and Beyond Course?

The Bullet Journal Method (aka BuJo) has improved the life of millions of practitioners all around the world. Now you can join Ryder Carroll — BuJo's creator, and NYT Bestselling author — as he teaches the Method in the first and only official Bullet

Bullet Journal Scholarship Program

We believe in the power of the BuJo method and want it to be accessible to people regardless of circumstance. For every 5 courses we sell, we gift one to our community. If you would like to considered for the scholarship, please sign up for our gener

What are my membership options?

There are two membership options available:.

Can I switch from a monthly to an annual subscription?

Yes! In your BuJo U account, go to:. Personal Settings > Purchases > BuJo U subscription > Under the active subscription click "Switch to Annual’. In some cases, you may have to cancel your subscription and sign up again for the membership type you w

Common Questions for Membership and Course

Course:. Premium Membership:

Donate the course

Yes, you can donate the course! Your donation will provide one extra seat for our Bullet Journal scholarship. Each year we offer two rounds of admissions, each with hundreds of applications. Your donation will grant an additional applicant of our cho

Gift the course

Yes! You can gift the Bullet Journal, basics and beyond course by buying the ClassPass. Once you buy the class pass, you will be emailed a code for the course. All you have to do is send the person who is receiving the classpass the code, and ask the

How do I access Bujo U or the course?

To access Bujo U or the Course, make sure you have created your account and can log in here: https://community.bulletjournal.com. If you have purchased the Basics and Beyond course, you would have received an email to activate your account. Use those