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What is Writing for Being?Updated 3 months ago

Writing for Being is a 6-week live virtual cohort that uses writing as a vehicle for self exploration and discovery. Many of the common questions and overview can be found on the webpage here. The FAQ is found at the bottom including:

  • How do I sign up for Writing for Being?
  • Do I have to know how to Bullet Journal?
  • What are the dates for the live sessions in Writing for Being?
  • What kinds of questions will be covered in Writing for Being?

Additionally, you might wonder:

Can I split payment for Writing for Being?

Yes, you will have the option to pay in full up front or split payments over time.

Is there any application or selection process for Writing for Being?

No, there is not. Once seats are available for purchase, it is a first come, first serve process. Beforehand, we do encourage everyone to consider all the provided information carefully to determine whether this experience is right for you at this time. We will be diving deeply into personal experiences that may or may not activate you, so consider whether you are emotionally resourced to manage this if it arises. 

When will the next Writing for Being cohort happen?

The next cohort is tentatively planned for Q3 2024. Numbers will be determined by what we learn from this first cohort.

What happens once I register for Writing for Being?

You will receive a confirmation email. Please make sure the email sender is saved to your contacts so it doesn't go to Spam. No action will be necessary on your part until closer to the start of the session, where you'll receive an email invitation to join the private Space in Bujo U and preparation actions for the kickoff. 

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