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Shipping & DeliveryUpdated 6 months ago

Carriers are still currently experiencing a host of different issues due to the ongoing effects of COVID era. They’re simply understaffed and their systems are overwhelmed, resulting in a lot of inconsistent updates. This is a known issue for many major carriers impacting countless small businesses, including ours.

This in turn may affect your order in the following ways:

    • Pre-shipment Status: When they don’t update their system, it often looks as though it’s still in our warehouse even though it’s already been picked up by them. 
    • Delayed Updates: You’ll automatically receive the same updates we do, at the same time we do. This makes it impossible for us to provide any additional information regarding delivery dates. 
    • Delivery Estimates: The shipping estimates we provide are based on their estimates. Because their systems are backed up, it means their delivery estimates are often inaccurate. 
    • Delayed Delivery: Because their systems are backed up, many shipments are arriving much later than estimated. 
    • Inconsistent Delivery: This issue may result in a later order being delivered before an earlier one
    • USPS Media Mail: Orders shipped via USPS Media Mail are the most economical shipping method with tracking included. Depending on where it is going within the US, it can take between 4-14 business days once it is rendered to the carrier.

Please also note even when expedited shipping is selected, the expedited time starts once it is rendered to the carrier and not before it has shipped. There is always a processing and handling time when the order is placed and then sent to the warehouse. The warehouse still has to pick, pack, and label the orders which can take up to a few business days.

We realize this isn't what you want to hear, but we wanted to be as transparent as possible. We’re a very small team doing our best and we truly appreciate your patience and understanding!

  • I put in the wrong address and it shipped out, what can I do? And why can’t you just send me another one to the right address?

    • We are sorry to hear this! Unfortunately, if there was a customer error in their information that was accidental at checkout, we won’t be able to send a replacement to the correct address unless the package gets returned due to insufficient address. We know this can be frustrating, if we were to do this we would go out of business!

    • We cannot issue a refund due to customer error 

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