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Bullet Journal Trainer Certification ProgramUpdated 6 months ago

Certified Bullet Journal Trainers: Empowering Your Journey

Welcome to the world of certification programs offered by Bullet Journal®. These dedicated individuals have completed our programs to guide you in the journey of purposeful productivity and mindfulness using the Bullet Journal® Method.

About the Bullet Journal Certification Program

The Bullet Journal® Method serves millions of people around the world to live more intentional, meaningful, and productive lives. We've introduced this certification program to maintain the integrity of the method and enable our trainers to be able to serve their clients powerfully.

Certification allows Trainers to provide engaging and informative workshops, training, and presentations about the Bullet Journal methodology created by Ryder Carroll. By attending Bujo Trainer presentations or booking their services, attendees can learn how this combination of System and Practice can improve not only productivity, but also quality of life. 

The system helps declutter the mind and organize thoughts and feelings, while the practice helps process them, to define and focus on what truly matters. Together they provide the Bujo practitioner with a flexible framework for powering their productivity with purpose. 

We have seen the impact of the Bullet Journal method on people’s personal and professional lives, and our goal is to provide that opportunity to as many as we can. This is why we have a trainer program: to extend our ability to serve. Our certification programs allow trainers to offer training and workshops on the Bullet Journal® method customized to fit you, or your organization’s - unique context. 

The method has evolved over the years and it is easy to get overwhelmed - or misled - by what can be found online. There are many misconceptions around what Bullet Journal is. It is not a DIY planner. It is not a notebook. It is not a dot grid journal. It is not an art journal. Though we favor paper notebooks as a platform, and the method becomes highly adaptable, the core Bullet Journal Method is very specific, effective, and evolving. 

Since launching Bullet Journal in 2013, Ryder has shared updates in his internationally best selling book, The Bullet Journal Method, in 2018, in the Basics & Beyond course in 2021, and in videos on YouTube. Though the core of it remains largely the same, as the methodology matures through our learnings, the ways we use and teach the method grows and changes. Those who complete certification programs  get the most comprehensive, in-depth education on the method in its current evolution. From there, they are able to share with others through presentations and workshops. 

What is the certification process?

First, participants complete the certification as an individual Bullet Journal® Practitioner. Then, participants will complete the certification to be a Bullet Journal® Trainer.

Participants who have completed certification have undergone rigorous training with the Bullet Journal team, involving live meetings, Bullet Journal course reviews, teaching demonstrations, and knowledge assessments. Their certification ensures that they possess the latest, most accurate, and comprehensive knowledge about the Bullet Journal methodology and that they're equipped to provide high-quality education that can be tailored to your needs. 

Each Trainer also uses the Bullet Journal method themselves, and can bring their unique perspective and experiences to their approach. 

Certifications in the Bullet Journal® method:

Program participants who complete certification are able to provide training, presentations, and workshops to teach the basics of the Bullet Journal method to groups, teams, and individuals. These can take form in person, or virtual, ranging from 60 minutes to four hours. 


Trainers do not certify others in the Methodology nor do they provide life coaching using the method. They're here to support your learning and offer guidance in understanding and implementing the original Bullet Journal system designed by Ryder Carroll.

Reach out to those who have been certified to learn how the method that has helped over a million people around the world could help you or your team transform the way they work. 

It's important to note that those who achieve certification are accredited by the Bullet Journal company but do not formally work for us. They operate independently while upholding the standards set by the Bullet Journal methodology.

Trademark Violations:

Offering paid trainings or classes on the Bullet Journal method without certification is a trademark violation. To share the Bullet Journal practice, individuals interested in teaching Bullet Journal classes can apply for certification through our program.

We take no responsibility for any “Bullet Journal” courses, products, or services that have been purchased through unofficial channels. Our certified trainers, and programs on bulletjournal.com are the only vetted sources for teaching the method.

How you can identify a formally certified trainer:

We will list all certified trainers on our Webpage, and they are permitted to display a badge on their website

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