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COVID Shipping NoteUpdated 2 years ago

Carriers are currently experiencing a host of different issues due to the pandemic. We’ve been informed that due to pandemic, they’re simply understaffed and their systems are overwhelmed, resulting in a lot of inconsistent updates. This is a known issue for many major carriers impacting countless small businesses, including ours.

This in turn may affect your order in the following ways:

    • Pre-shipment Status: When they don’t update their system, it often looks as though it’s still in our warehouse even though it’s already been picked up by them. 
    • Delayed Updates: You’ll automatically receive the same updates we do, at the same time we do. This makes it impossible for us to provide any additional information regarding delivery dates. 
    • Delivery Estimates: The shipping estimates we provide are based on their estimates. Because their systems are backed up, it means their delivery estimates are often inaccurate. 
    • Delayed Delivery: Because their systems are backed up, many shipments are arriving much later than estimated. 
    • Inconsistent Delivery: This issue may result in a later order being delivered before an earlier one

We realize this isn't what you want to hear, but we wanted to be as transparent as possible. We’re a very small team doing our best to navigate this time, and we really appreciate your patience and understanding!

The Bullet Journal Team

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