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Basics and Beyond CourseUpdated a year ago


The Bullet Journal Method (aka BuJo) has improved the life of millions of practitioners all around the world. Now you can join Ryder Carroll — BuJo's creator, and NYT Bestselling author — as he teaches the Method in the first and only official Bullet Journal course in the world.

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Course Features:

  • 3 Years in the making
  • 2.5 Hours of video tutorials
  • 60+ Focused lessons 
  • 50+ journaling prompts
  • Deep-dive into the basics
  • Lots of new and exclusive content
  • Lessons, updated on an on-going basis
  • Contributes to member scholarship*

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Q: "How much is it?"
A: Non-members can purchase the course for $249, which includes a basic membership. Members can buy the course as a add-on for $199 in addition to their monthly or yearly membership.

Q: "I've already been Bullet Journaling, would this course be helpful?"

A: Many Bullet Journalists have taken the course already, ranging from brand new to 7+ years of experience, who have told us they have gotten a lot of value from the lessons. In many lessons, there are different reflection questions or activities for new and seasoned Bullet Journalists to either teach the fundamentals and deep purpose of the method, or to help enrich your existing practice. 

Q: "What makes this course different from other courses available online?"

A: Although there are many free Bullet Journal resources available, this is the first cohesive and comprehensive course taught by the founder, Ryder Carroll. Even from publishing the book, Ryder has further evolved the system and the way he explains it to new Bullet Journalists. 

*Member Scholarship program:

We believe in the power of the BuJo method and want it to be accessible to people regardless of circumstance. For every 5 courses we sell, we gift one to our community. If you would like to apply for the scholarship, please apply below. We accept applications twice a year. Current application window closes March 1. The next will be Aug-Sep 2022

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